Commercial premise for rent in Puerta Zamora, Salamanca

Puerta Zamora, Salamanca

Commercial premise for rent
Commercial premise in Puerta Zamora, Salamanca.
Ref. 3025/3701
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2.000€ (£ 1.801 app.) (22,22€/m² )

Salamanca (Puerta Zamora); local rent 75m2, € 2000

Local for rent at Puerta Zamora, 75 m2, fully prepared and conditioned, white lacquered doors, gray ceramic floor, smooth walls. Divided into several rooms and an entrance. To start any activity.
The furniture of aesthetic activity and massages can be left optional and not included in the price. Avenue of passage and very commercial. € 2000
Reference: 225161 - 3025/3701,  Size: 90m²,  Usable size: 75m²,  Bathrooms: 1,  Floor: Street level,  Location: Partially exterior,  Ceiling height: Regular,  Finishing carpentry : White lacquer,  Walls: Flat,  Floors: Ceramic,  Hot water: Individual,  Heating: Individual,  Equipment: Water,  Environment: Street,  Activity sector: Offices, Shop,  Number of separated areas: 5,  Front width: 8.00m.,  Display width: 8.00m.,  Rental bond: 4.000€.


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