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Commercial premise Salamanca - El Rollo
125.000€ (£ 112.612 approx.) For Sale / 499€ (£ 449 approx.) Rental(for sale/rent)
Ref. / 4748/3701
Salamanca (Alto del Rollo), local sale, 104 m2; € 125,000 GRUPO INMONOVA
Local sale of 104 meters at the Alto del Rollo, raw, possibility ford, can be sold together or separately because it has two entrances, one on a street, the other for a place. Possibility of any business, tool shed, garage, nursery, close to schools and colleges, quiet area. € 125,000 GRUPO INMONOVA
Reference: 108727 - 4748/3701,  Size: 104m²,  Garage: Private,  Floor: Street level,  Location: Partially exterior,  Orientation: Southwest,  Ceiling height: High,  Type of ceiling: Plates,  Walls: Cement,  Hot water: Individual,  Equipment: Water,  Environment: Street,  Activity sector: Logística, Parkings, Storage,  Front width: 5.00m.,  Rental bond: 499€,  Handicapped access: Yes.
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